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Cultivate and Collaborate

In all our years collaborating with great companies and vendors, we’ve met budding passionate budding stylists along the way. In our encounters, it saddens us to see them surrender to the tedious paperwork, staff maintenance, and the unending accumulation of props that end up being used just a handful of times, not to mention the challenge of storage. But these are all necessary in each project if they want to thrive and pursue their dream. We started the same way and we knew the challenges doing things alone. We then knew we can do something to give back to the industry we have grown with. Armed with an immense desire to reach out, Masterpieces of Joy took the road less travelled and gave way to the creation of The Event Curators, Inc. with it’s core facility is to cultivate new talents up to the point they can run on their own. The Event Styling Mentorship Program is the heart of The Event Curators, Inc. We provide mentorship to new stylists in need of a team to support his/her projects. Aside from offering one-on-one design map that would help in the actual implementation, we are also opening up a wide array of exclusive props at their disposal. The Event Curators will extend back support needed to unload stylists from concentrating on his/her design work at hand such as management of manpower, logistics, contracts, purchasing, budgeting, etc. We believe that any masterpiece created by an individual is great but one that is collaborated by many becomes magnificent! Like a peacock feather, alone it is beautiful, but when a peacock spreads itself, it’s grandeur is beyond compare! To qualify, please contact us to set an interview.